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#2410 by ZerowBrecht
Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:12 am

as I tried to draw some polygones using the commandbar (input as string "_PLINE x,y x,y ... x,y s _PLINE..." and so on) i noticed, that ProgeCADs command bar only accepted 9721 characters as input and stoped there, cutting the rest of the string.
Furthermore ProgeCAD needed very long for the drawing task (around 4 Sec without hardware acceleration, around 10 with, at 9721 characters) in comparison to AutoCAD where the drawing happend semmingly instantanious (for the complete string) although it was cut to single lines with:
" _pline
which seems not possible for ProgeCAD. (Thats why the string was written to one line and how I discovered the boundary of the command bar)

My Questions are:
Is it possible to enlarge/modifiy the capacity for characters in th command bar?
And why is drawing without hardwareacceleration so much faster?

#2415 by caddit
Thu Nov 19, 2020 3:19 am
Hi Zerow,

We had a chat about this. There are several things which you can try.

For the command line input limit, none of us could understand the advantage of doing this like you are trying to do it. It would be far quicker (and more reliable) to save your extensive pline to a script or even use an autoLISP program to read points, similar to this one.

About graphics performance, you didn't actually tell us what kind of graphics configuration you are trying to use with progeCAD, as this well and truly depends on your own configuration and the kind of graphics acceleration that the user has. We demonstrated this some time ago with a benchmark that we did ourselves, here. The first thing to note is that progeCAD currently only supports OpenGL-based graphics acceleration. It does not currently support DirectX, so if you enable hardware acceleration on a DirectX AMD-ATI configuration and experience low performance for example, you have misunderstood the requirement. Also, if you are using very old hardware/drivers - or - even still using an unsupported operating system like Windows XP, you have misunderstood the requirement. These would be situations where software rendering could perform much better compared to an unsupported hardware rendering configuration. This is why we offer both options.

Also please read the updated article that we recently published about graphics acceleration for CAD, here. Note several key points, such as driver updates and system configuration. These are points that work for most users in most cases, but we cannot always troubleshoot specific situations involving third party products like video cards.

Please give these things a try and let us know your result.
#2418 by ZerowBrecht
Tue Mar 09, 2021 2:40 pm
Thank you for your reply and apologies for not replying sooner (didn't get notified somehow).

The problem which led tio my very cumbersome solution of just pasting in the plines has one of its resons in my colleagous. Some are very old-fashioned in doing their stuff and trying to change their workflow will result in even slower work, i guess.
Also I found out, that the character limit only applies, if you use strg+v to paste plines in one line (because this way multiline input is not possible). But if you use the mouse-way to paste stuff (e.g. right-click -> paste) you can easily input multiline polylines (in the way described in my first post), even when copied with strg+c. In conclusion the more cumbersome way fiddeling in the mouse-way is faster than strg+v, which seems unlogical for me.
The second reason for not going a conveinient way with a script or a autoLISP program is, that its entirely forbidden in our enterprise an could cost my job, so i will not fiddle around and have to stick the tools and programs i've got.

To the hardware-acceleration: As I'm working in an enterprise environment, so i have no control on which systems your software runs. This is decided in another department, which appearently could't answer my questions in the first place.
But you where right, its DirectX in combination with some older hardware.

Anyway, thanks for the insights and maybe the information about the different behavior of strg+v and right-mouse -> paste is something to help you.

Best regards