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#1192 by Leon
Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:35 am
I drew some rectangular perspex covers with a few holes drilled around the outside (the outside holes are drilled then self tappers are used to hold the work piece down to a sheet of MDF to allow the part to be profile cut from the stock).

The software has generated an extra hole at centre of each rectangle - these are obviously not round holes but it has made a hole at the centre of the part.

I need to be able to only select the round holes - I seem to be only able to select the round holes if they are on a flat surface. If they are not on the surface but only on the waste material outside the work piece, how can I select only them and ensure that the centre of the part is not drilled?

I am confused as I made a few similar parts last week and they were all fine - it seems to have suddenly decided the drill any centre it can find
#1195 by caddit
Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:21 pm
Hello Leon,

For this I might suggest creating the two sets of holes using two separate sketches, and select the feature sketch you would like to drill out via "select Drill Points/Circles".

I don't see a avoid region option in drilling like I do in profile cutting, so for safety I would keep these two different feature sets on two different sketches - one to be drilled and one not.