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Is your CAD system's computer also connected to the internet?

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#567 by caddit
Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:43 am

Here is some information we have already been frequently asked about regarding the Alibre version 11 3D CAD system. It is possible to activate both Alibre Design and Alibre CAM without an internet connection once you have purchased a full license. Here is how:

1) Install Alibre normally from the DVD or from the download file HERE.

2) Start Alibre Design for the first time from either your desktop icon or from the Windows Start Menu. The following window will appear:


Enter your Alibre account username and password (whether the host Alibre computer is connected to the internet or not) to which the license is registered. Username is NOT your REAL NAME. If you do not have one you can create one HERE. Australian users unable to create an Alibre profile online please CONTACT US and ask us to create one for you.

After you Submit the username and password, Alibre will ask for a license key (serial code). All license keys are tied to the specific computer on which they have been installed. To create the correct license key, we need the MACHINE ID and SITE KEY which is shown in your window (see example below):


Once the correct LICENSE KEY is entered Alibre will start with the equivalent product licenses enabled.

Offline activation for Alibre CAM will have to be through Alibre support or your reseller (CADDIT). Once Alibre CAM software is installed, you select "Alibre CAM" -> "Browser" from the Alibre Design menu. A window will open showing a PRODUCT ID and asking for "Code 0" and "Code 1". Please send CADDIT your PRODUCT ID requesting the License Codes.

Alibre users in Australia with further questions about licensing options should contact us at CADDIT.